Living By Performing Dance Team

Living By Performing Dance Team is a group of young dancers that performs throughout the chicagoland area. They have been to Dance Chicago’s Dance Slam, Six Flags, and Disney World. Living By Performing is committed to expressing the passion of dance on stage.

Living By Performing Dance Team, Disney World 2010

Dance Team Results at KAR Competition:

(in order of performance)

  • Higher Ground (solo by Natalie Madonia) – 1st place and 6th placein overall  in division
  • Greneade (solo by Jerica Chan)-1st place
  • Secrets (solo by Shelby Kellar)-1st place and 8th place in overall division
  • When Your Good to Mama (solo by Katie Byrd)-TOP 1st place and 1st place overall in division
  • Swan Lake Waltz (duet)-1st place
  • In the Jungle -1st place
  • A Hard Time to Win -1st place and 3rd overall in division
  • Chariots of Fire -1st place
  • Crazy Train -1st place
  • Bulletproof– High 2nd place and Special Judges Award for Best use of Props and 1stplace overall in division and cash prize
  •  Deeper Love -1st place and the ALL Star Kids Award
  •  Impossible – 1st place and 3rd overall in division and special judges award for  most dramatic facials
  •  They Both Reached for the Gun -1st place and 5th overall in division and special judges award for a great broadway performance
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